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November 9, 2019

Your team

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member  klammunity  .
379,883  people are already registered, and they are becoming more and more with  each passing  day.

Get paid to start


Set your browser's start page, and you'll get 0.2 ¢ for each visit. Lock reboot depends on the number of visits per day. (Ø 60 minutes PREMIUM Ø 15 minutes) [ Video ]

Referral program


Invite your friends and acquaintances, and create a steady income corresponding to their € -incomes.
You will receive a one-time bonus of € 1,00 for each referral. *

sticky lot

Initially it was thought a simple bonus points, facilitating activities within the community, klamm-Lose turned into a kind of e-currency. They can be transferred to other users, and have an API to support the development of the external fan projects. klamm-Lose traded on our klamm-forum on countless Lose-sites and even on eBay. We regularly provide lottery where you can win cash and material prizes or losing.

When the balance of your account exceeds € 5,00, you can request payment by bank transfer (SEPA) or Paypal. We have already paid more than € 1.100.000. Alternatively, you can use your credit klamm and Lose-Credit for advertising on



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October 31, 2019

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