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Get your slice of the crypto pie!

Get from 2 USD to .... per installation Hard to believe, but it’s true: every single installation may bring you a potentially unlimited amount of USD! The users you've brought into the program will be motivated to invite more & more new users. Each of them will become your income source for a long time: you'll get paid for their installations or mining earnings. The same applies to their own affiliates up to 10th level.

Monetize your traffic using an advanced payment model: we will reward you not only for each installation, but you will also get a long-term income source from constantly growing installations on the next levels up to 10th!

When your affiliates invite new users — you get 30% of affiliates' commission for each installation.

Every single installation starts a chain reaction which leads to multiple further installations. The mining network grows like a rolling snowball — and so does your income!

OrangePie is the perfect solution to monetize your multi-geo traffic related to any theme or niche, and get extra benefits from affiliate programs.

Let’s be partners

OrangePie waits for you to come and take your lion's share! Join and get the benefits of CryptoTab's advanced payment model. Get paid for each browser installation of your affiliates and their referrals on every level, and benefit from the mining network commissions at the same time.

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