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Top Free Bitcoin cranes

Some computer gurus believe that Bitcoin is the most significant breakthrough in computer technology, the result of many years of research in the field of cryptography and hard work of thousands of scientists.

Bitcoin Faucet - is a site on the Internet, which gives cryptocurrency registered users at a certain interval.

In most cases, you need to earn a move to the right page, but sometimes you have to enter the number of the picture (to solve a captcha), or perform any other actions.

Cranes are not pyramid schemes because they get money from the placement of advertising (in most cases, pay-per-view). The lion's share of the revenue is distributed to registered users, but the rest, given the high attendance is a good capital to tap administrators.

Entire Bitcoins, of course, no one no one gives, it is only the payment of shares cryptocurrency called Satoshi (about it you can find out more in the article "Bitcoin - What is it in simple words"). Below we list the popular Bitcoin taps, where you can just sign up and start earning.

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