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Radically changed Mining Bitcoins

Bitcoin - the first digital fully decentralized Peer-to-Peer currency.

Bitcoin quotation is based on trust him, formed exclusively by the demand and supply balance, not linked to any currency or other assets.

Unlike fiatnyh money, the Bitcoin has no authority (central bank or government) who have sought to provide liquidity at a given level, he pledged himself and / or oblige others to accept payment in Bitcoin-coins or could artificially lower its purchasing power by additional issue. Bitcoin is an electronic cash, not debt obligation of the issuer, which is different from traditional e-money and non-cash payments.


To date, Bitcoin has taken a strong position among the currency used in transactions

through the global Internet network. Here are some examples, where participates Bitcoin:

  • Payment for goods and services worldwide

  • Transfer of funds to the various payment systems with a minimum commission

  • Storage means in the preservation of the devaluation

Earn Bitcoin!

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